The EU eHealth Task Force Report “Redesigning health in Europe for 2020”

Anders Olauson
President for European Patients Forum og
Ordförande i ÅGRENSKA, Sverige
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The challenges ahead
The changes we need

The challenges ahead

Healthcare is a constantly growing component of public finances representing between 6% and 15% of government spending in most EU countries. These costs are driven essentially by demographic changes and a dramatic increase in chronic conditions.  

The changes we need

The healthcare systems are undergoing radical changes. The social care and welfare sectors will need to be integrated with health, providing seamless services for patients. Patients should be increasingly empowered to make more informed choices about where and how they want to be treated. This will create consistent public pressure for transparency and accountability as well as for quality and innovation. New ICT tools have the potential to reduce health inequalities but they need to be designed to actively promote and enhance equity.

The ownerships of data by patients is a precondition to empower them to manage their own health. This entails a shift in the power relationships within healthcare towards a more collaborative partnership between health professionals and patients.

Partnership, trust, safeguards and transparency are key for these changes to happen.


  • Policy makers need to act quickly to create a legal framework and space to manage the explosion of health data
  • The EU should facilitate the creation of a pilot group of Members States committed to share and transfer knowledge and successful eHealth models
  • Support health literacy
  • Integrate different sources of health data and enable sharing of and access to data in a transparent way
  • Re-orient EU funding and policies to support user-driven innovation.